Create a Wi-Fi network anywhere using a 4G signal using Wi-Fi on the Fly from DB Event Networks.

DB Event Networks, are excited to introduce our latest on-site connectivity solution, Wi-Fi on the Fly, helping event organisers to quickly create a reliable and secure Wi-Fi network without the need for an on-site technician.

Stable connectivity at events has never been more crucial, allowing electronic transactions to be conducted with confidence, providing an infrastructure for production teams to efficiently go about their business, and establishing a stable platform for electronic communications, and enabling guests and staff to keep up with the ever-increasing demand to share their event experiences on social media.

Fixing your event Wi-Fi woes

Wi-Fi on the fly solves organiser and production crew connectivity headaches, enabling them to set up a Wi-Fi network in any environment—regardless of whether there is an established internet connection or not.  Our Wi-Fi on the Fly system works on 4G, using mobile Wi-Fi hardware from Cradlepoint.  Containing multiple sim cards from the key mobile operators, Wi-Fi on the Fly detects the strongest 4G signal and is capable of switching between networks to achieve the best possible connection.  It’s a fast and reliable instant-use solution, using an enterprise-grade data package which is prioritised by the networks; with Wi-Fi on the Fly you will enjoy a much faster connectivity experience than achievable through a mobile tethering device or dongle. 

How Wi-Fi on the Fly works

Gareth Hay, Head of DB Event Networks commented: “The system is essentially remote control, all a customer has to do is plug it in and turn it on, at which point one of our technicians will remotely connect to the device and create a Wi-Fi network.  The Wi-Fi on the Fly hardware contains a built-in access point which can support up to 60 devices within a 25-metre radius. The unit comes with its own antennae, but if it’s being used in an area with low 4G connectivity, we can connect an external aerial system to boost the reception. This is particularly useful if your event office is in a portacabin, or shielded by buildings or trees; even in open countryside, there’s very few areas with such a poor connection that would prevent us from creating a fully-functioning Wi-Fi network. Additional Access Points can be plugged in to increase the capacity and range of the network, or if there’s an existing network connection, the system can be connected to a Cat 5 cable internet source and be used solely as a router, with the back-up of the 4G network taking over should the wired connection drop out, creating a virtually uninterruptable wireless connection.”

Gareth continued: “We’re confident that Wi-Fi on the Fly will ease a lot of the pains caused by poor, or non-existent event Wi-Fi, opening up a host of new opportunities for event organisers and production teams. Our Wi-Fi on the Fly system has already proven to be very popular—being used on a number of events, as well as attracting numerous enquiries from organisers of events such as outdoor festivals, press launches and sporting events. The days of dodgy event Wi-Fi are now well and truly behind us!”

For more information on Wi-Fi on the Fly, or to discuss Wi-Fi at your next event, contact Gareth Hay.


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