14 Feb 2014

It’s everywhere. Or it wants to be. At least, you want it to be. Nowadays, we expect to be connected wherever we are and our need for instant gratification means we have no patience for a slow connection.

Increasingly, we’re being asked to provide WiFi services outside of traditional spaces. Last summer, we set up temporary WiFi connectivity to support the One Direction movie premiere in Leicester Square because the organisers (rightly) predicted that the level of social media usage would far exceed the capability of mobile phone masts and they wanted their audience to be able to share prolifically on social media sites.

With 40 tweets a second being generated through the satellites we set up and over 3 million global tweets about the event in a single day, the addition of a temporary network was vital to the success of the event. The need for additional connectivity at events is not always this obvious and it’s easy to get caught out.  Think about your events this year and whether additional bandwidth is likely to be needed and if it is, give us a call on +44 (0) 345 226 3083 or email us with your enquiry, networks@dbsystems.co.uk

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