16 Nov 2015

Wi-Fi is often considered an essential service; cafés, hotels and even some underground stations now offer it to customers, guests and commuters alike. But the Access All Areas website recently ran a story which reflects our experience of planners’ attitudes to WiFi: namely that it is often overlooked in the planning process.

Despite the importance of having good WiFi to enable visitors to stay out of the office and at an event longer, and also the increasing need to gather and analyse attendee information at live events, WiFi is often the last thing considered when planning an event. But it’s not just offering a standard WiFi service that event organisers need to consider – they need to ensure the service is able to cope with the demands of a busy network.
Johnny Martinez, the marketing and communications manager for Shocklogic, commented: “The biggest challenges […] clients face on a regular basis are WiFi costs and poor infrastructure at venues. […] WiFi has become the most controversial deal breaker in the events industry.”

Considering its importance, it is astounding that it is still not taken seriously. Without a WiFi service – or at least a service capable of dealing with the high demand experienced at events – then event attendees can be left frustrated and may leave with a negative impression.

The article suggests it is worth event professionals looking for venues with an existing infrastructure that can connect guests and exhibitors successfully before booking them for an event – and similarly it is worth venue operators investing in such a service so that they appear more attractive as spaces for event opportunities.

However, the reality is that it’s very easy to set up temporary networks in venues that don’t have connectivity or have limited bandwidth, and this is something that our Event Networks team is able to help with.

Ultimately, connectivity at events is an essential part of enabling guests and professionals to share content and images immediately, and thus connect with more people and expand both their reach and the reach of the event. If individuals are not able to go online instantly to rave about a product, service or event as a whole, they may never do so.

If you run events and don’t currently provide WiFi capabilities – or are unhappy with the WiFi your venue is providing – give us a call to see how we can help you manage your next event.

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